Milano Panel

1.8m x 1.8m

Neris Modern Panel

1.8m x 1.8m

Closeboard Panel

Standard sizes are 6' wide and up to 6' tall

Harmony Slatted Panel

1.8m x 1.7m

Rustic Lap Panel

Standard sizes are 6' wide and up to 6' tall

Lavendel Modern Panel

1.8m x 1.8m

Hazel Hurdles


We stock a wide range of fence panels at our timber yard, including:

  • Close board fencing

  • Rustic lap fencing

  • Hazel Hurdles

  • Trellis

Hazel hurdles are one of the oldest forms of fencing in Britain. They give a rustic ambiance to a garden and are a versatile decorative feature in any setting, from English country garden to modern urban spaces.

Trellis is perfect for placing on a wall, creating a garden boundary or used as a feature. Our trellis panels are produced in softwood and are pressure treated. We stock both the square and diamond design. These designs can be used together to form a tight pattern, ideal for privacy trellis. We stock a wide range of trellis and can make bespoke products if required.

We stock panels in a range of standard sizes, however we can also make them to customer-specified sizes if required.


Due to shortages in the timber industry, and many prices changing on a daily basis, the figures on here are for guidance only. Please check with us for current prices.