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Oak Beams

Black Barn Cladding

Treated Feather edge Boards

V Jointed Tongue & Groove

Wayney Edge Cladding


Rabbit Netting

Stock Netting


Our timber yard is incredibly well-stocked, offering a vast selection of timber and other materials. Whether you are looking for feather edge boards, capping and counter rails, or sawn timber and posts, we have what you need.

We are also pleased to offer a wide range of garden materials including cladding, fencing, gate fittings (galvanised and black coated), tools, wire products and landscaping. Further information can be found below, with costs outlined in our comprehensive price list.



Cladding is a traditional and popular choice for covering the outside of buildings. We have a good selection of different cladding materials and supply the following soft wood, pressure treated cladding suitable for sheds, barns, houses, etc:


  • Featheredge boarding

  • Shiplap

  • Tongue & grooved

  • Waney edge boarding

  • Black barn cladding



We stock a large range of wire products, including:


  • Agricultural wire – chicken wire netting, deer netting, pheasant netting, pig wire, stock fencing for cattle and rabbit netting. It is supplied on 50m and 100m rolls. 

  • Barbed wire – used as an inexpensive stock fence or as a security device on top of walls. Sold in 200m rolls. 

  • Plastic coated wire netting - used in garden fencing projects. 

  • Chain link fence – used in a variety of ways from pet control to sports areas such as tennis courts. 


If you are looking for something that is not listed, please contact us. 

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